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Sonkem India Pvt. Ltd.
Wiring Harness

An exceptional range of top standard wiring harness and various connectors is on the offering by us, which is supplied by us to OEM and replacement markets for all types of vehicles and golf carts. Our world class range includes car gearbox, automotive gearbox, automobile gearbox, automobile clutch, vehicle parking brake, vehicle emergency brake, car accelerator, golf cart accelerator, jeep accelerator, car choke cable, car lead cable, car battery cables, automotive battery cable, car heater control, car seat adjustment, car door opening, automotive combination switch, automobile combination switch, car blinkers, automobile blinker etc. They are most reasonably priced.

Wiring Harness

Sonkem India Pvt. Ltd. Gear Box (Cables and Shifter)
 Sonkem India Pvt. Ltd. Clutch
 Sonkem India Pvt. Ltd. Parking and Emergency Brake
 Sonkem India Pvt. Ltd. Accelerator
 Sonkem India Pvt. Ltd. Choke
 Sonkem India Pvt. Ltd. Lead Cables
 Sonkem India Pvt. Ltd. Wiring Harness
 Sonkem India Pvt. Ltd. Battery Cables
 Sonkem India Pvt. Ltd. Plastic Connectors 
Sonkem India Pvt. Ltd. Car Heater Control
 Sonkem India Pvt. Ltd. Seat Adjustment
 Sonkem India Pvt. Ltd. Bonnet Lock Release
 Sonkem India Pvt. Ltd. Fuel Tank Flap Opening
 Sonkem India Pvt. Ltd. Door Opening
 Sonkem India Pvt. Ltd. Chain Terminals
 Sonkem India Pvt. Ltd. Combination Switches
 Sonkem India Pvt. Ltd. H. L Holders and Blinkers 
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