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Hardened Glass Lens

We offer an exclusive range of hardened glass lens, which is made from premium quality borosilicate glass to lengthen the working life of a variety of automotive accessories. Use of heat and break resistant borosilicate glass allows a higher percentage of light transmittance through the lens than compared to plastics and lower quality glass. Under this range we offer glass asymmetrical lens, glass symmetrical lens, borosilicate glass lens, auto borosilicate lens, heat-resistant glass lens and many.

Work Lamp 5W5 Steel Reflector And Glass Asymmetrical Lens
Work Lamp 5W5 Steel Reflector And Glass Asymmetrical Lens
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3-5W5-5 Steel Reflector And glass Symmetrical Lens
3.5W5.5 Steel Reflector And glass Symmetrical Lens
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Work Lamps

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