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Auto Lights
Work Lamps
Automotive Headlamps
Tail Lamps
Auto Glass Lens
Tractor Head Lamp
Aluminium Reflector
Hardened Glass Lense
Wiring Harness
Automotive Switches
Automotive Door Locks
Suspension Components
Beacon / Strobe lights
LED Work Light

Aluminium pulleys


Injection Moulds

Rubber Hose Mould D

Die Casting

LED Lamps
Sonkem India Pvt. Ltd.

Plastic Parts & Moulds

We are doing all types of injection moulding in all types of plastic as per the requirement of our customers.

We make the precision moulds ourself and then do the injection or blow moulding in all types of plastic like ABS, PP, HIPS, NYLON, etc. Some of the products which we have developed includes plastic Bezel for work lamps, plastic connectors for charging of electric vehicles, tail lamps charger parts , plugs, connectors, mud guards etc.

Work Lamp 5W5 Steel Reflector And Glass Asymmetrical Lens
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Work Lamps

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